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Lobbying in food industry : is obesity our fate ?

Food industry

Food industries in both United Kingdom and the United States of America over the years have been known to be dominated by junk food popularly known as ‘big food.’ This does not mean that there is no ‘good food’ or rather healthy one being produced in those countries. The domination of ‘big food’ is hugely influenced by advocacy taking place in the industry. The government of America in the year 1981 suggested that ‘big food’ which is scientifically known to be unhealthy could count as a vegetable as long as it contains traces of healthy ingredients. Continue Reading

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Tobacco companies lobby : why is it so massive ?

Tobacco Lobby

It is without a doubt that tobacco companies lobby. However, they do this activity in such a huge and massive manner that has led several concerned institutions to raise an alarm. Tobacco industries in both the United States and the United Kingdom over the years have been known to be utilizing well connected and effective registered contract lobbyists. Continue Reading

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Fossil fuels lobby : how far is it influent ?

Fossil fuel lobby is defined as a group of paid representatives of fossil fuel such as electric utilities, gas, oil and even coal. Fossil fuel lobby usually influences government policy concerning fuel regulation. Lobbyists operate in shadows and their influence increases when to go unnoticed by the public. Lobbyists are paid to persuade the government to make decisions that favor the business owners of the fossil fuel. Continue Reading

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Does a gambing lobby exist ?

Many people are distressed about the persistent endorsement of sports betting. They are worried that this campaign will bring about a new gang of people that will be impaired by gambling whether it’s gambling on a sports game or spending time in a casino playing slots. Ever since their establishment, sports betting and other types of gambling such as the use of poker machines in pubs and clubs have been very rampant. Continue Reading

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